Finding You The Perfect Car

All You Need To Know About Mobility Cars

For people with disabilities, driving with any of the mobility cars available in the market today can be the ultimate liberating experience. Designed specifically to aid them in taking control of their disabilities, this vehicle give them more mobility and freedom to enjoy what used to hinder their actions. They can now shop for their own groceries or go on a short driving trip at the part instead of being holed up at home. A great improvement from mobility scooters, driving a mobility car allows them more safety and security while in transit. Keep in mind though that these cars cannot accommodate all physical challenges but can be designed in such a way that it answers specific needs of a driver. In the UK and other countries abroad, this type of car is often obtained through “motability” arrangement.

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How Does It Work

For people with physical disability like multiple sclerosis, polio and among others, mobility cars are convenient means for them to get from one place to another especially in cases when long walks can either be debilitating or risky to their health. Once a physical disablement is thereby given to a disabled person who has a driver’s license, he or she can apply for one. In the UK, requirements to avail of one are the following:

  • Medical Assessment. They must be assessed by a certified physician and given full medical abstract for use in the application. It must be stated that the patient requires transport and can operate such safely.
  • License. Unless on a lease agreement, subject driver must have a full driving license.
  • Zero Traffic Record. Person buying or leasing one must have zero driving disqualifications and convictions or any record for that matter.
  • Certifications. In the UK, requirements also include HRMC or Higher Rate Mobility Component or a WPMS (War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement).

Mobility Cars Leasing Scheme

Most common scheme in mobility cars is to lease this particular car from a reliable dealership. Like UK’s motability scheme, this usually depends on subsequent mileage limit. There are also certain pre-termed conditions when leasing a mobility car such as:

  • Use of Car. It must only used by or for the benefit of the person on contract. He can be the driver or the passenger but the central revolves around the disabled person enjoying the benefit.
  • Registered Drivers. You can register household members who can drive the car if the disabled person cannot drive. However, driving activities using the car must be for the benefit of the disabled person and appointed driver must also bear no disqualifications and convictions in road traffic safety within the last five years or so.

Benefits of Mobility Cars

Mobility cars do not really differ from other car models out there in terms of appearance. These cars, however, are retrofitted with necessary mechanisms that can assist the disabled driver of his needs. From mechanical hand controls to steering aids, wheel chair and permanent swivel seats, left-foot accelerators, ancillaries remote control, pedal mechanism modifications, electronic accelerators, person hoists, stowage for wheelchairs, pedal guards, and electric handbrakes. Not only will mobility cars bring in more comfort, convenience and ease of access to a disabled driver or passenger, it also gives them a chance to enjoy life like normal people do amidst their frailties. Motability leasing schemes, on the other hand, allow more affordable options for these type of transportation arrangement. Not only is the disabled client protected with preventive maintenance, they are also given free training course to adjust safely to their vehicle.

Tips in Choosing

There are a lot of considerations to take when you decide to buy or lease any of the mobility cars on the market. From wheelchair space, seat height, legroom, grab handles, and other adaptive aids, choosing one must be carefully assessed to ensure safety on the road and comfort to the disabled driver. There are independent sites which offer car measurement guides for those who plan to buy one. These guides provide accurate measurements as well as insights on adaptive mobility equipment which you might rely on. From air conditioning to steering and speed adaptations, gear box, storage space, chair swiveling mechanism, and so on, taking a car for a spin before buying would definitely make a wise investment.

Dealership on Leasing Agreement

When deciding to lease mobility cars, you might want to check out “motability” websites to help steer you to an accredited one nearest your area. The UK has thousands of motability-approved dealerships making it easier to find one. Carefully choose at least two or three dealers and do comprehensive analysis on what each can offer. If you must, look for a dealer that can provide you with transportation to-and-fro its showroom. Client-centric ones often offer the best deals in the market. Choose a car brand not for its aesthetic appearance but rather on its adaptability mechanism to satisfy your needs.

Indeed, mobility cars are important in this day and age to disabled individuals who wish to enjoy life on the road. This gives them the joy of exercising their independence amidst the disability they have to contend with day after day. Whether you buy or lease, choosing the best one that justifies your needs must be carefully planned.