Finding You The Perfect Car

Buying A Used Car

When you’re looking for a new car is very important to understand the value of the car before you decide to part with your cash and one of the easiest ways to see how much car is worth is by using the Parkers guide to use cars. You can pick one up at most UK newsagents for a couple of pounds and to be honest it’s deserving of every penny.

The Parkers used-car guide will give you three prices at perfect condition price a normal condition price and trade price, and then you can make your judgement and decide whether the vehicle you are looking falls into those prices.

When looking for a used car, I constantly try to find a car that has a full service history and only had a few previous owners. I’m always a little concerned when I go look at a car if there isn’t any history with it as having a full history with a car shows that the earlier owners actually cared about it, and potentially this will make the car a better car.

However, having a full service history doesn’t always mean the car is not a sack of nuts. You still need to use your own good judgement to see if the car is, firstly, the same car that the history states and also if you feel the car has done the amount of miles that is indicated on the clock. I’ve looked at many cars in the past, and it is all about first impressions. If you arrive to view the car, and it has been washed and cleaned and hoovered out, subsequently there is a chance the people care and have looked after it. Nevertheless, if the car looks like it has had a hard life, then it quite probably has.

If you are not confident when looking car, you can always get someone to give you a second opinion. Most people know someone who has experience in cars or at the very least someone who knows little about cars. I know that the AA offer service where a fully trained mechanic or come with you to look at car and give you a fully fledged report on the vehicle and will give you their professional opinion on the car.

The report is from what I gather legally binding and if the card does breakdown or causes you any problems in the future spend I think the AA cover the costs of repairing. I’m not sure of the facts we can head over to the AA’s website to find out more.

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to know what to look for and what to expect. Make sure you don’t jump the first car you see a make sure that you are in a good position to know that you’re not being ripped off by some shady used-car salesman.

I like using eBay when it comes to having cars to get a good idea of what your vehicle is worth, and you can see lots of cars all at once rather than natural from local papers. However, I do like looking of auto Trader and Gumtree when looking for that perfect used-car.